HouzKEY for The Logg: K.T.I. signs first buyer

April 16, 2022  |  
Daily Express
HouzKEY for The Logg_ K.T.I. signs first buyer

KOTA KINABALU: Local property developer K.T.I. Sdn Bhd has struck another accolade on its highly anticipated mixed development project – The Logg – in Luyang.

After achieving the distinction of being the first property developer in Sabah to be approved by Maybank Islamic for the HouzKEY home financing facility, K.T.I. has signed its first HouzKEY buyer for The Logg residence. Applications for the financing facility saw an encouraging response since its official launch, while K.T.I. Sales and Marketing Director Stella Loke witnessed the signing of its first successful applicant, Doreen. “We are overwhelmed by the public reception of Maybank Islamic HouzKEY with over 35 applications already received in a short span since we launched on April 7.

“We are especially delighted to be here to witness Doreen signing with Maybank Islamic HouzKEY and having the honour of being the first Maybank Islamic HouzKEY home buyer in Sabah,” she said. Stella added that Doreen was one of the six pioneer applicants who successfully obtained home financing under the scheme. For The Logg, Maybank Islamic HouzKEY is a game-changing solution for its home buyers to overcome down payment issues when purchasing mid- to high-end properties. “With 100 per cent financing at the lowest monthly payment for the first five years and a three-month refundable deposit instead of a hefty down payment, Maybank Islamic HouzKEY is opening up more opportunities for home buyers at The Logg to purchase properties of their dreams now instead of later,” said Stella. Home buyers will also enjoy zero payment during the project’s construction period, an added bonus to the easy and worry-free home financing experience that is a significant feature of K.T.I.’s Property Ownership Programme (K.P.O.P) for The Logg.

The Logg is K.T.I.’s first premium mixed development project with two luxury condominium towers, residential apartments, offices, a shopping boulevard, a four-star international hotel and a range of leisure, health and educational amenities. “It is an urban lifestyle centre that caters to the rising need for an all-inclusive state-of-the-art living environment that balances work, life and leisure. “Its strategic location in a matured residential area with excellent road connectivity to major towns, business hubs and international airport has firmly placed The Logg as the most desired residential address for aspiring home buyers,” said Stella.

Maybank Islamic HouzKEY is one of K.T.I.’s several smart partnerships with banks, designed to ease the process of home ownership in a very competitive property market. The public can find out more at Booth 32 of the Property Hunter Expo 2022 from April 22-24 at the Sabah International Convention Centre (SICC) where K.T.I. will help prospective clients decide the best property and financial plan. For further enquiries, the public can contact 019-8316688 or visit www.thelogg.com.my.