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July 26, 2023  |  
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KTI achieve RM140 mil - Newsletter

KOTA KINABALU: K.T.I. Sdn Bhd’s The Logg, Luyang has launched Easy Care, its brand-new hospitality initiative, which aims to elevate the living experience by providing an all–in-one care to its residents at Shorea n Astoria.

K.T.I. Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Gordon Loke said that the comprehensive hospitality solution encompasses a range of services designed to enhance the convenience and comfort of residents.

“Here at The Logg, comfort and convenience are paramount.

We are dedicated to offering our residents the finest living experience possible. Easy Care encompasses three pillars: one-stop tenant management, one-tap home maintenance, and one-call concierge care,” said Dr. Gordon during K.T.I.’s Breakfast at The Logg event, held here at The Logg Sales Gallery, Kolombong today.

Easy Care’s one-stop tenant management pillar streamlines the leasing process, offering peace of mind and hassle-free rental returns for property owners.

If owners choose to opt for this service, The Logg’s dedicated team will handle tenant-related matters, including tenant selection, timely rental collection, and property maintenance.

The Logg will only charge a service fee which will be deducted from the tenant’s monthly rent. Owners also have the flexibility to opt-out of this service at any time to manage the leasing of their own unit, granting them full control over their property.

The one-tap home maintenance pillar of Easy Care ensures that residents’ units are well-maintained and in pristine condition. It also includes other aspects of home upkeep such as pest control, mechanical, and plumbing assistance as well as home relocation assistance.
This pillar ensures residents at The Logg enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free living environment.

The one-call concierge care pillar reflects The Logg’s commitment to providing exceptional convenience and personalised assistance.
The dedicated concierge team is available to assist residents with personal errands, saving them valuable time and enhancing their everyday lives.

“From warm greetings as residents start their day to a welcoming atmosphere upon their return home, The Logg’s concierge care aims to enhance the overall living experience,” assured Dr. Gordon.

The Logg is a mixed development project in the heart of Luyang, comprising an upscale lifestyle neighbourhood mall, a 4-star international hotel, two blocks of prestigious lifestyle condos – Shorea and Astoria, and Park Hill’s urban apartment living.
Through The Logg, the company is determined to further elevate the already flourishing Luyang neighbourhood.

For more information about The Logg’s Easy Care, the public may contact 019-8316688 or visit

The Logg’s official Facebook or website at https://www.thelogg.com.my/.