As a pioneer in Sabah’s construction industry, KTI marked a memorable first with the introduction to the Industrialised Building System (IBS) in Sabah – which led to the company being awarded an IBS Status Manufacturer Licence by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) in 2013.

Since then, KTI has been at the forefront of construction in the region, with over 95,000 IBS components produced, completion of 2,739 residential units, and implementation of IBS in major developments such as the Kluang Prison Complex and Puncak Gloxinia in Kinarut, the first PPAM Government Employees Affordable Housing Scheme.

This innovative spirit also earned KTI the Special Mention Award in the IBS Category by CIDB at the Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Award (MCIEA) in 2016, and the Anugerah Kontraktor Cemerlang in 2021. It is this visionary identity that drives the corporation’s dedication to continue leading the way in providing quality, efficiency, and lasting value for future endeavours.